Environmental Statement

At Intellicare we strive to be a good steward of out natural resources. Our efforts to
reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes are seen in many
areas, most notably in the following.

Wood Components:

Material is supplied by a FSC accredited vendor, meaning that wood is sourced
from sustainable forests. Waste is shredded and used for animal bedding in the
agricultural sector.

Metal Components:

All metal waste is recycled for re-use. The recyclable steel frames are finished in a
lead-free powder coat with zero VOC and solvents. Excess powder is reclaimed and


There are no CFC’s, adhesives or formaldehyde used in any of our polyurethane
foam products including our renewable resource foam which is based on an
agriculturally derived Polyol at 20% concentration. Intellicare primarily uses molded
foam, virtually eliminating waste. Molded foam is created using a chemical reaction
temperature as opposed to an external heat source. Waste from molded foam is
supplied to a local pillow-stuffer, diverting it from a landfill site. Where cut foam is
used, waste is sent back to the supplier who then recycles and converts it into
carpet underlay.


Intellicare promotes only upholstery products that are produced from 100%
recycled fibre, bio-based fibre, or natural, compostable fibre upholstery.


Intellicare only uses water-based adhesives that conform to environmental